Planting trees is the only alternative to save the lung of the world

Saving The Amazon seeks to unite the global and local community in a campaign to save the Amazon, by planting trees with indigenous communities.

Saving the Amazon is an initiative of the firm Patiño Ocampo y Cia, which presented this project to the Innpulsa program of Bancoldex. The initiative was winning and received the resources to start it and launch it into the world with the aim of not allowing the extinction of the planet.

Patiño Ocampo and company gave the project to Saving the Amazon SAS, a social company responsible for the reforestation of the Amazon and the Saving the Amazon Foundation, companies committed to the environment. At Saving the Amazon we are committed to the environment, indigenous well-being, water protection, food security for indigenous communities, support for effective social productivity for indigenous communities, to save the Amazon and its people.

We invite you to be part of the Saving The Amazon community to meet our goals

Our goal is to plant 72,000 trees per month. 864,000 trees per year

¡Help us save the Amazon!


Through the donation of trees planted by indigenous communities, we made forest enrichment at the most important ecological altar on the planet, the Amazon region; which in turn allows contributing to their food security and the transformation of their socioeconomic conditions, through green microenterprises from the trees planted.


  • Restore and reforest the world’s lung with native species to regulate climate change.
  • Contribute to the creation of green companies for the welfare of indigenous families and their food security.
  • Offer the planting of trees to the world through our collaborative platform and disseminate indigenous initiatives.


  • To be the best option to restore the Amazon and achieve the goals that mitigate global warming.
  • Encourage the sustainable development of new generations of indigenous communities.
  • To be the leading tree planting platform in the western hemisphere.


With your contribution you will be helping several families of the Amazon.

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Planting trees is the only alternative to save the lung of the world

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